Parasite (2017)

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Parasite is a Snake-like platformer created from Ludum Dare 38. The player controls a parasitic worm through the body of an unsuspecting host. The worm's goal is to get through the man's body and destroy his organs. 


Erika Page: Design, Programming, Art Assets, UI, Debugging

Dave Wilson: Design, Programming, Art Assets, UI, Debugging

What I learned

Through this 48-hour project, I learned about collaborating with others on a short, focused project. Collaborating with a fellow game designer through brainstorming, feature planning, and implementation was incredibly fun. I learned more about software development tools like Trello and GitHub and how to use them effectively in a project.

I also felt that I improved on my C# scripting, Unity, and art skills while working on this project. Throughout the project Dave and I coordinated over Twitter, Discord, and Trello and gave project updates. We thoroughly documented any changes we made and overall it made our development smooth.

It was great to take a step into an area I was unfamiliar with and finding someone that was an encouraging and creative partner. I look forward to working with Dave again in the future. 


  • Unity
  • Illustrator CC
  • Photoshop CC
  • Visual Studio 2015

The next steps

We achieved a lot within 48 hours, but we had to scrap some extra levels. I would like to implement these in the future after reiterating more on some of the existing game functions. The game will also need music, sound fx, and the vignettes we had between levels. I hope that Dave and I get around to working on this and continuing to grow our game.