Ludum Dare 38 - Parasite (A 48-Hour Collaboration)

Hey all! I know I promised to be more active this year on my site, but life has been getting in the way. However, with the latest Ludum Dare challenge, I was able to team up with a brilliant designer/artist to create a small submission!

I teamed up with a Twitter friend, Dave (@dcwilson303) for this round. I was pretty excited to try to make a new game from scratch in probably the shortest timeline I have ever attempted. We began with the theme: Small World. We interpreted this in many ways. Over Discord we brainstormed over some ideas. We placed our ideas on a shared Trello board (shown below).

Our Trello Board

Some ideas we had were rogue-like alien cave crawling platformer, a fairy forest builder, and a game where you play as a parasitic worm in some guy's body. We were excited for each of these ideas but we ultimately decided on a "Snake" / infinite platformer game based on the parasitic worm idea.

 Happy worm checking out coins.

Happy worm checking out coins.

We scoped out our features and levels the same night and began researching ways to implement what we wanted to do. We broke down our duties pretty evenly. We each were responsible for scripting the game, adding art, and implementing our ideas. We also maintained our Trello board with updates on asset creation, feature implementation, and references. We also used Github to coordinate our branches and we documented all changes we made to the code or assets. 

Overall we were very proud of our creation. Within 48 hours we were able to create, debug, and compile a multiple level game. I look forward to more collaborations with Dave in the future. :)

Visit my project page to try it out for yourself and check out our GitHub page!

Ludum Dare Submissions Page