Back Online for 2017

I have been so busy the last 2 months outside of work, so I haven't gotten much done for game design improvement or with my projects. I spent Thanksgiving in Taipei with my family and got to experience a whole new culture and environment (Check the link to my IG to see pictures of yummy food and awesome places). It's such a friendly and beautiful country. One unexpected thing that happened in Taiwan was having my husband hospitalized for kidney stones. It came on super suddenly and he spent 3 nights and 2 days in the hospital. Such a bummer for him for sure, but we took it as an experience. I don't think it ruined our trip or our view of Taiwan and I think we would like to visit again sans the hospital visit.

Once we got back stateside, we spent the last few weeks of 2016 working and preparing for our winter holiday break. For about 12 days I had time to catch up on my games, prep the house for Christmas, and go shopping for presents. Being pretty spent with work, doctor's visits, and holiday stuff I did not get around to working with my projects. My first priority was sleep and getting some peace of mind during a very busy time of year. This did give me some time to reflect on the progress I made during the year, the lessons I learned from my colleagues and friends:

- Don't sell yourself short to others. This is something I have been doing for most of my adult life.

- Communicate all of your thought process. Assuming that others will follow your train of thought and logic can set you up for miscommunication later.

- Playing games you might otherwise dismiss can help you broaden your design skills and your overall view. Inspiration comes in many different forms, so it's best to keep an open mind.

- Ask others for help or advice won't kill you. Having anxiety makes it hard, but this is something I'm planning on doing to push myself out of my comfort zone. Making new friends is fun!

With these in mind, I have a few goals for myself for the following year:

- Actually complete a small project (includes tuning and polish) and post it on my site.

- Blog my game design lessons and experiences more often.

- Meet more game developers and possibly work on a small collaboration project.

- Read more books about game design, listen to more design talks.

- Participate in at least one Ludum Dare challenge.

I have a bunch of other personal goals to keep in mind too (the usual be happier, be healthier, new experiences), but I want to make my game design growth a priority this year. With that said, I invite anyone to contact me (Twitter, FB, IG, Email) if you are interested in a collaboration project. It won't be big or for money, but just for practice... so if you have any time you would like to dedicate to a small project, reach out to me.

I am also looking for some recommendations on design books. If you have any, feel free to comment below. Here's to a year dedicated to learning and growing!