About Erika

Erika began her life-long love for video games at the age of 4 playing NES games with her cousins. Some of her earliest memories include playing Duck Hunt, Mega Man II, and Super Mario Bros. on an old black and white TV. These games left a lasting impression on her and fueled a passion for video games and technology. Growing up with a  younger sister and brother, she played any game she could from Sonic the Hedgehog, Echo the Dolphin, to later titles like Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy.

Later in high school, Erika was very active in the Soul Caliber and Dance Dance Revolution competitive groups in Southern California. She used video games as common ground to reach out to others with the same interests and to make new friends. In her senior year, she founded the Video Game Club at Quartz Hill High School to give students a social group to play new games and discuss industry news.

After completing her first year of college, Erika was looking for a summer job to earn money to pay for her next year of college tuition. In June of 2006, she became a Game Tester for Activision Publishing. Here, she found her passion of being a part of the development process and went to work on many successful AAA franchises including Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. Realizing this is what she wanted to do with her life, she sought out additional experience in the industry at places such as Square Enix and Cie Games.

In 2011, Erika arrived at Blizzard Entertainment as a Game Tester. Starting on the World of Warcraft QA team, Erika quickly became a vital resource of testing and game knowledge. With her expertise of testing systems in World of Warcraft, she received an opportunity to work as an Assistant Game Designer for the Professions and Items team for Warlords of Draenor. Here, Erika was introduced to the WoW Designer Culture and she fell in love with it.

Her latest accomplishments include contributing to Professions and World Quests in World of Warcraft Legion, exploring making games on her own, and expanding her scripting knowledge.

In her free time Erika is an avid gamer (PC, XboxOne, PS4, 3DS, WiiU), participates in a Dungeon and Dragons group, plays music games, and continues to grow in her game design.